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Concerns with Current Clinton School Building


The greatest concern is the two Modular Classroom Buildings:


  • Student Safety – Due to the location of these classrooms, students and staff must travel between the main building and modular classrooms multiple times per day. These instances include: breakfast & lunch, PE, Music, Library, Title 1 and Special Education.
    • Due to this continuous travel, the district is forced to leave alternative doors open for these students.
    • The current isolation from the rest of the campus complicates attempts to provide the effective, real-time supervision and protection of students.
  • One entry - The goal is to have one entry point for all students, staff and parents.
  • Ongoing Maintenance – The modular classrooms are beyond their useful life - Purchased as a temporary solution, these two are now 12 and 21-years-old. The roof system of the 21-year-old modular was replaced during the 2013-14 school year, due to leaking.  The 12-year-old modular roof is in current need of replacement.


History of Construction:

  • The last Clinton School building expansion was in 1973.
  • In 2013, the district embarked on a five year planning effort to understand the needs of the district facilities and its student’s needs. This effort was completed with input from community, staff and students.


Classroom needs for current education:

  • Dedicated classrooms for Music, Computer classroom, CSCT, Special Education
  • Dedicated class wings for like aged students – K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.
  • Preschool – Montana is currently one of six states in the US that does not offer preschool.  The Governor of Montana is advocating for the state to fund preschool curriculums. If we do not have the space available to offer in the Clinton School District, and preschool becomes funded by the state, parents and students may decide to enroll in an adjacent district that can offer this service.


Heating system:

  • The current hot water boiler heating system is over 20-years-old and in is need of replacement
  • The boiler pumps occasionally shut down throughout the 2017-18 winter and replacement parts were required each time.
  • The buildings mechanical system does not currently meet building code required ventilation air.
  • Extra funds will allow an opportunity for building efficiencies in heating and cooling.



  • Accessibility – the gym space currently does not provide code required accessibility for students and the community with disabilities.
  • As the Clinton School student & family population grows, so does the capacity of fans at sports events, school plays and concerts. 
  • The non-regulation sized basketball court does not allow for adequate seating or accommodations for the audiences, nor does it allow the district to host basketball and volleyball events/tournaments.
  • Cafeteria needs and Physical Education schedule dictate the Districts core class schedules.
  • Gym floor in need of replacement – Current gym floor replacement cost is approaching $100,000.00 and the current gym floor needs replacement.


Benefits of a Building Addition:

  • Appropriate Supervision – The new design will achieve adequate supervision and protection of all students.
  • Healthy Air Ventilation – An up-do-code ventilation air system will ensure a better learning environment.
  • Improved Learning Environment – This project will also provide Clinton students with classrooms, full elementary and junior high gym facilities as well as flexible/multi-purpose spaces conducive to students’ ever-changing educational needs.
  • Operation and Maintenance costs – This project will decrease operation and maintenance costs by eliminating the aging modular classrooms and the deferred maintenance costs associated with keeping them. An increased efficiency heating system will allow for the heating/cooling of the project’s proposed additional square footage without exceeding the district’s utility budgets



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