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Clinton Elementary

Clinton School District #32

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    Welcome to Clinton Elementary School


    Go cougars

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    Welcome to Clinton School


    2022-23 School Calendar

    2022-23 School Supplies


    Adult Education Class Survey

    Please fill out the following quick survey to help us gauge interest in free adult education classes.  

    Adult Education Survey


    5th grade is closed to out of district students


    Our hearts and support go out to the families, educators, and the entire town of Uvalde, Texas in the tragedy of the school shooting that occurred Tuesday.   It is an awful reminder of how quickly life in a school and town can be impacted by violence. 

    Just a reminder to our families we at Clinton School have worked very hard to implement numerous safety procedures to keep our students and staff safe.   Due to the bond our community passed four years ago we were able to update the following:

    1.   First,  our front entry system.   This is the only entry point for visitors.  Every person  must be buzzed into the building and the camera system is used for identification before opening the doors.  

         *All other entrances are locked during the school day.  

    2.  We have four new classrooms so all students are under one roof, no more modulars.

    3.   Our staff has gone through various safety training sessions.   

    4.   Staff and students practice safety drills throughout the year including lockdowns.


    Please contact Mrs. Cyr (acyr@clintoncougars) if you have any questions or concerns. 


    Free/Reduced Meal Application

    We encourage all families to at least review the income eligibility guidelines and apply if appropriate.

    2020-21 Annual Notices


    Resolution of Intent to Impose Increase in Levies





    Clinton School Optional Face Coverings

    Staff, students, and visitors may wear a face covering, mask, or face shield while present in any school building.  The School District does not require the use of masks and will not provide masks except in cases required by this policy or at the discretion of the administration. 


    If, after this section is adopted, the number of active COVID-19 cases in the county where the school district is located increases to the point of being considered a "substantial" or "high" rate of transmission as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Board of Trustees along with the superintendent may implement a requirement for face coverings to be worn in identified District buildings until such time as the Board of Trustees can adopt an applicable District policy. The superintendent shall coordinate with the county health department and the board of trustees to determine whether face coverings are a necessary response to a potential or actual COVID-19 outbreak. In the event face coverings are required, the superintendent shall announce the face covering requirement to students, parents, staff, and visitors for the immediate successive school day each day by 3:00 pm. If the board and superintendent determine masks are required, signs will be installed to inform students, parents, staff, and visitors of mask requirements while present in the identified District buildings.


    Clinton School will no longer require masks on buses per the CDC announcement below.   

    The Centers for Disease Control announced that, effective February 25, 2022, it is exercising its enforcement discretion to not require people wear masks on buses or vans operated by public or private school systems.  This decision means that the January 29, 2021, order requiring masks be worn on public transportation no longer applies to school buses. School districts and their transportation contractors are no longer subject to the order. Boards of trustees retain the authority to decide, at the local level, how mask policies apply within their respective school district.


    Safe Return to Schools

    Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

    Clinton ARP ESSER Plan




    Clinton Elementary School entrance

    Clinton Elementary School Mission

    It is the mission of our school to provide an equal opportunity for all students to receive a quality education that challenges each student's individual abilities. Parents, quality staff, and the community work together to foster critical thinkers, problem solvers and ultimately citizens with lifelong interest in learning. 

    "Children are fragile; we handle with care."